Aqua Viva is a company specializing in the research and production of dietary supplements.

Founded in 2001, following continuous production growth, it moved its operations to a modern production site, obtaining ISO 9001 and GMP certification.

The Nutrifarma line is one of Aqua Viva s.r.l.'s brands: advanced products, with high-quality, effective, and safe characteristics, consistent with the innovative and technologically advanced philosophy of the company.


Nutrifarma Philosophy

Quality, research, and technological innovation are the characteristics that unite all Nutrifarma supplements.

Our supplements are studied by a staff of doctors and nutritionist biologists, who through exclusive specific formulations, provide natural and effective solutions for the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

The entire Nutrifarma range is produced entirely in our facility, equipped with the most advanced technologies, compliant with pharmaceutical standards, well above those required in the dietary supplement sector. Every phase is thus controlled and supervised by us to ensure maximum quality throughout the production process.

The Nutrifarma line consists of specific supplements for every need of the person, and each supplement is made using raw materials of absolute quality.

Nutrifarma products therefore represent the result of a commitment to the well-being of people attentive to nutrition.


“A highly advanced scientific culture, developed through constant study and research, and continuous technological innovation, to achieve a single goal: to produce dietary supplements that improve people's health and well-being.”

Aquaviva Training

Why choose Nutrifarma supplements?

  • Aquaviva is a certified production company with ISO 9001 (DNV) system.
  • Company accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health
  • Pharmaceutical laboratory consisting of 24 clean rooms
  • Complete control of each production phase and relative traceability of finished products
  • Raw materials of international brands, of controlled and certified origin
  • Production and conservation in controlled temperature and humidity environments
  • Effective formulations and doses tested by scientific studies
  • Collaboration with the Department of Food Sciences of the University of Bologna
  • Collaboration with opinion-leader of medicine and nutritionist biologists
  • All our supplements are gluten free


UNI EN ISO 9011:2008 (ISO 9001:2008)


Research, development, and production of dietary supplements (EA Sector:03)