Discover Nutrifarma protein supplements for muscle renewal and maintenance

The main function of proteins is to supply the amino acids necessary for tissue renewal processes (plastic function):

  • act as transporters (carriers) of various substances present in the blood (hemoglobin, hormones etc.).
  • they are necessary for muscle contraction and for the body's immune defense.
  • proteins also have an energetic function in particular conditions, when branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are degraded for energy purposes or during prolonged and / or very intense physical activity.

Protein intake in the elderly is useful to prevent the reduction of muscle mass and to counteract the phenomenon of subjects of anabolic resistance to proteins, which indicates that the synthesis of muscle proteins is less active. In this way it is possible to prevent the onset of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass, which is more frequent in old age.
Protein deficiency leads to a general deterioration.