Spazio Formazione is the virtual arena for scientific discussion on topics related to personal health and well-being.
Nutrifarma provides doctors, nutritionists and pharmacists with a parterre of speakers of excellence in the world of scientifically proven natural phyto-integration.
It does so through a calendar of executive courses, useful to support and enhance the work of health professionals.

Spazio Formazione aims to be a repository of knowledge and able to offer practical and actionable solutions as well.
Spazio Formazione, in fact, wants to provide direct, innovative and concrete keys to issues of broad interest.
Spazio Formazione offers an ideal format for all those who are already in a health profession or who are in training, offering 40-minute reports and 20-minute discussions on the topics presented.

And for those unable to attend? The webinars will also be available for streaming on Nutrifarma's platform.

For more in-depth information, it will be possible to write to the Expert Responds and receive more details on your own doubts and curiosities.


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