It stimulates lipolysis, promotes body recomposition and improves mood.

Movadip is a food supplement for weight control.
Thanks to its composition rich in plant extracts it can be useful as an adjuvant in low-calorie diets aimed at weight control.

Contains betaine, a methyl derivative of glycine obtained by refining vegetable molasses. Betaine, administered in a dose of 1.5-2g, improves body composition, promotes the reduction of fat mass with a detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect. This active ingredient is therefore extremely valuable in weight control supplements.

Griffonia extract is useful for controlling the sense of hunger, carrying out a positive action on the mood shown by numerous scientific publications.

Theobromine is a constituent principle of cocoa that exerts a tonic and metabolic support action. It has a draining, diuretic and antioxidant effect.

Perilla frutescens is a herbaceous plant widely used in Asian culture. This has an anti-inflammatory action on the digestive system, improves intestinal functions, as well as having an antidepressant effect.

Modavip by Nutrifarma is a gluten-free and lactose-free dietary supplement for weight control. It is therefore suitable for people who follow dietary diets with specific needs.

This food supplement is sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is an all-natural zero-calorie sweetener, a real ally in case of low-calorie diets.

It is recommended to dissolve one sachet in 250ml of water and take once a day.

Packaging: 14 sachets – 70 g

Directions for use:
• Body weight balance
• Lipid metabolism
• Carbohydrate metabolism

  • Apporti medi per dose giornaliera (1 bustina)
    Betaina 1,5 g
    Griffonia 100 mg
    di cui 5-HTP 20 mg
    Cacao 300 mg
    di cui teobromina 18 mg
    Perilla 150 mg
    di cui polifenoli totali 3,75 mg
  • Edulcorante: eritritolo, betaina anidra, cacao (Theobroma cacao L., semi) e.s. tit. 6% in teobromina, perilla (Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton, semi) e.s. tit. 2,5% in polifenoli totali, aroma, griffonia (Griffonia simplicifolia (DC.) Baill., semi) e.s. tit.20% in 5-idrossitriptofano (5-HTP), agente antiagglomerante: biossido di silicio, edulcorante: glicosidi steviolici.

  • Sciogliere 1 bustina in 150 ml di acqua ed assumere una volta al giorno.