Ginkgo and eleutherococcus useful for memory and cognitive functions

Enermemo is a food supplement based on ginkgo and eleutherococcus which promote memory and cognitive functions and ginseng which acts as a tonic-adaptogen.

Package: 10 vials of 15 ml

  • Apporti medi per 1 vial*
    Carnitine 500 mg
    Arginine 410 mg
    Ginkgo leaves e.s. 300 mg
    of which ginkgoflavonoids 72 mg
    Choline bitartrate 300 mg
    Eleutherococcus root e.s. 90 mg
    of which saponins 4,5 mg
    Ginseng roots e.s. 50 mg
    of which ginsenosides 15 mg
  • Water, fructose, maltodextrin, L-carnitine, L-arginine, ginkgo (ginkgo biloba L.) leaves dry extract 24% ginkgo avonoids, choline bitartrate, eleutherococcus (eleutherococcus senticosus maxim) root dry extract 5% saponins, ginseng (panax ginseng C.A Meyer) root dry extract 30% ginsenosides, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, aroma: orange.

  • Dosage and method of use: take 1 vial in the morning before breakfast.