Prostavis complex

Reduces the symptoms related to prostatic hypertrophy and prostate by promoting the correct functioning of the prostate.

Teupol 10P®
Extract of Ajuga Reptans (Teupolioside) with interesting potential in the application with the extract of Serenoa Repens for a synergistic antiandrogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.

Serenoa Repens
Phytocomplex contained in the Serenoa Repens extract, is able to alter the lipid composition of the nuclear membrane by acting directly: inhibition of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase, responsible for converting testosterone into its active form (DHT); indirect: through down regulation in the synthesis of pro-inflammatory endogenous mediators: Interleukins, cyclooxygenases, proteins of cell apoptosis, etc.

Alkaloid present in several plants of the genus Berberis, known for the remarkable antimicrobial potential exerted against bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and chlamydia. Due to its remarkable antibacterial capacity, it shows a nutraceutical principle with important potential against some of the main pathogens, implicated in urinary tract infection. Useful in the prevention of infections and related complications. Inhibits the down regulation of receptors for LDL. Promotes the transport and elimination of LDL cholesterol (Recent studies have indicated a close correlation between cholesterol levels and prostate cell growth).

Catalyst at the base of numerous enzymatic reactions, including those involved in the immune response and recovery processes. Promotes the immune response.

Black pepper
Increases the absorption of active ingredients.

Package: 30 capsules

  • Average content per 1 cpr* %VNR**
    Serenoa e.s. 400 mg
    from which fatty acids 240 mg
    Berberine 225 mg
    Zinc 5 mg 50
    Teupol 10P® 25 mg
    from which teupolioside 2,5 mg
    Black pepper e.s. 2,5 mg
    from which piperina 2,4 mg
  • serenoa (Serenoa repens (Batram) Small, fruits) dry extract titrated to 60% in fatty acids, berberine (from Berberis aristata DC, root), operculum of alimentary gelatin, Teupol10P® – bugle (Ajuga reptans L. flowery aerial parts ) dry extract * titrated to 10% in teupolioside, zinc citrate, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids and silicon dioxide, black pepper (Piper nigrum L., fruits) dry extract titrated to 95% in piperine.
    * contains maltodextrin

  • take one capsule a day accompanied by a sip of water, preferably before meals