Levox 3000 carnitina

L-carnitine with very high concentration for the situations of psychophysical and astenia l-carnitine.

Carrier transporter of lipids inside the mitochondria to obtain energy. Greater recovery and resistance. Hormonal stimulus in synergy with Arginine. Optimizer of the use of fatty acids at the end of energy within the cell. Support for cardiac function. L-Carnitine is responsible for fat metabolism within the mitochondria. It has beneficial effects on both the skeletal and cardiac muscle and is supportive during body weight control regimes.

Package: 6 multidose vials of 25 ml RED ORANGE TASTE

  • Average contributions per 1 vial (25 ml) per 12,5 ml*
    L-carnitine 3 g 1 g
  • purified water, Fructose, L-Carnitine, acidifier: citric acid, red orange flavor, preservative: potassium sorbate.

  • we recommend the intake of the amount between 2 notches, corresponding to 1 g of L-Carnitine, preferably before physical activity