Epinox gocce

Based on melatonine, vegetable extracts and essential oils to reduce the time necessary to add

It contributes to the natural regulation of the sleep-wake rhythm and reduces the time needed to sleep.

It contains both valerenic acid and valeropotriati, which, by increasing GABA (╬│-aminobutyric acid), able to stimulate the main inhibitory receptors of the central nervous system, have sedative effects.

Lemon balm
Essential oil that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.

Essential oil that promotes relaxation.

Package: 1 bottle of 43 g

  • Average tenors per 3 drops*
    Melatonin 1 mg
    Valeriana e.s. 50 mg
    Lemon balm o.e. 0,48 mg
    Lavender o.e. 0,48 mg
  • fructose, purified water, maltodextrin, stabilizer: glycerol, valerian dry extract (Valeriana officinalis L., root) tit. 0.8% in valerenic acids, acidifier: citric acid, emulsifier: polysorbate 80, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, essential oil of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.), lavender essential oil (Lavandula officinalis Chaix.), Melatonin.

  • take 5 times 0,5 ml of product (equal to about 3 g) diluted in a little water, just before bedtime