Bio rekord

Important energy reconstituent in liquid form based on arginine, ornitine and carnitine

Participates in the uric acid cycle, where it is essential to eliminate residual toxins generated during motor activities or physical exercises.

Ornithine AKG
Speeds up recovery time.

It is a carrier of fatty acids, allowing the mitochondria to use them for energy production.

Packaging: 10 vials of 25 ml multidose TROPICAL TASTE

  • Average contributions per 12,5 ml*
    L-arginine 1,2 mg
    L-ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate 600 mg
    L-carnitine 200 mg
  • tiredness and asthenia, optimization of the use of energy substrates, detoxifying, counteracting free radicals and preventing cellular aging, to restore vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to physical activity.

  • we recommend taking one dose per day (12.5 ml) preferably before physical activity