Vitamins and minerals

Discover the vitamins and minerals of Nutrifarma
The vitamins are organic substances that are structurally different from each other but all essential for carrying out specific actions within our body. They deserve special attention because the body cannot synthesize them by itself from other substances and their insufficient presence in the diet prevents the organism from expressing the maximum of well-being.

The mineral salts are inorganic substances that must be taken regularly with food, as they perform functions of structure, control and regulation of vital processes in the body.
Although in different percentages, mineral salts are present in almost all foods. They do not supply calories (so they do not “fatten”) but help the body produce energy. The main macro-elements are: calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium, while copper, iron, zinc and selenium are among the most important oligoles.

Unfortunately our body is not able to stock up on most of the minerals we take with food, so we have to replenish those we eat every day.


Biomagnesio 450 sugar free

Biomagnesio high biodisponibility, sugar free.


Biomagnesio 450

Biomagnesio high biodisponibility.


Vita active ricarica

Multivitaminic-multimineral with coenzyme q10.